A collection of our beloved collaborators

Meandering through concert halls, music and artist studios, Les Flâneurs imagines perfume with the design of the symphony, the complexity of a Wagnerian overture, and the aesthetic beauty of a Ravelian ripple. Experience the harmony of different tones and notes as they form an olfactory and auditory melody; an intense and intimate partnership. PRÊT À FLÂNER?



Independence. Individuality. Irreverence. Want to feel something at a concert? Want to witness a performance by someone who actually feels something? Quite apart from being solely concerned with what is right, Chris is devoted purely to transmitting story, emotion, and expression in his performance. A founder of Crossmodalism, Lloyd embodies what it means to be a 'Musical Flâneur' of the 21st Century.  LISTEN NOW



Handpicked by Brian Eno as the one to watch, Australian-Taiwanese pianist Belle Chen has distinguished herself with her unique live performances and recorded works that are unbound by tradition - often mixing classical music language across multiple genres through improvisation, electronics, extended technique, and sound design. In 2018, she was one of nine official showcase artist for Classical:NEXT, where she represented the UK and Australia. In the same year, she is elected as Associate of Royal Academy of Music for significant contribution to the music profession.    

“Original and provocative” - Brian ENO                                            

“A revelation” - Max Reinhardt BBC Radio 3 Late   



Latvian cellist Margarita Balanas is one of the most exciting and versatile artists of her generation. Known for her distinguished artistry and mesmerising stage presence, Ms Balanas has performed to audiences world-wide being hailed as “powerful, delicate, intense and brilliant” (GLAM Adelaide). 



Daniel Sonabend is a London-based composer and artist who specialises in the blurred line between scent and sound. Amongst his latest commissions are Scent Constellation (2016) – an award winning installation by Jason Bruges Studio for Le Grand Musée du Parfum (which included transforming 200 perfume ingredients and five perfume compositions into their musical equivalents) and Cartier’s first OSNI - ‘Le Nuage Parfumé’ (2017).

Alongside his olfactive work, Daniel has worked on music for films such as Act/or (2015), Journey’s End (2017), Pin Cushion (2017) and Piano to Zanskar (2018). He has composed music for art installations and commercial projects for clients such as Philips, The Macallan, Canon, and The Royal Academy of Arts and regularly collaborated with vocalist Eliza Shaddad on electronic-jazz duo SANDSCAPE.

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