Les Flâneurs is a London based studio exploring experimental perfumery. As performance perfumers and scent archivists, they work across many disciplines, bringing scent into unexpected spaces. Although you may never see them, their fragrances saunter through the streets, theatres and screens. Through a variety of collaborations, Les Flâneurs are committed to creating scents for immersive experiences of wonder and curiosity. Using the finest ingredients and specialised knowledge, we archive through scent, unique theatrical experiences.

perfumery@lesflaneurs.com     London Studio  +44 (0) 7810 580 244    Paris Studio  +33 (0) 6633 617 91


Flaneurs (n.) "habitual loafer, idle man about town," 1854, from French flâneur, from flâner "to stroll, loaf, saunter," probably from a Scandinavian source (compare Old Norse flana "to wander aimlessly," Norwegian flana, flanta "to gad about"), perhaps from PIE root *pele- (2) "flat; to spread." Related: flânerie.

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